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Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play?

​What music streaming service is the best? 

Well that's a loaded question, They all have there strength's and weaknesses. Bellow are 3 of the most common music services, and my though's on each.   


​Spotify was the first mainstream music service, it is a solid service.

Along with music you can also stream, Podcasts, Speeches, Poetry and now some video content.

Spotify links to your Facebook account allowing you to see what your friends are listening to and any playlists they have made public.

There are three payment structures:

  1. Free ( With Ads )
  2. Premium £9.99 ( Single User )
  3. Premium Family £14.99 ( Share up to 6 people )

Apple Music

​Apple music is a fairly new service, but hit with a bang. 

Similar to Spotify it can stream a multitude of content.

Apple music works great on Apple devices ( as it should ) but lacks connectivity to other systems like, home assistants ( except Apple HomePod )

This is a great service if you are ALL things Apple.

There are two payment structures:

  1. Premium £9.99 ( Single User )
  2. Premium Family £14.99 ( Share up to 6 people )

You can find 6 months free if you keep an eye out.​

Google Play Music

​Google Play Music has some added benefits over its competition, you can upload 50,000 tracks of your own music collection to stream anywhere with a data connection. 

It also contains 35 Million of its own content, this is similar to most other services. 

Podcasts are also integrated and with a subscription you get access to YouTube Red, googles YouTube premium service.

 There are two payment structures:

  1. ​Premium £9.99 ( Single User )
  2. Premium Family £14.99 ( Share up to 6 people )

Similar to Apple you can find free trials.​

What do i use?

​I have always used Spotify, it offers a great selection of music from well know artists as well as not so well know.

The user interface across computer's, phone's and tablets, is consistent and easy to use.

The added benefit to see your Facebook friends playlists is great way to find new music. 

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